We, Bambu Europa S.L., have been producing female, male and children’s footwear since 1992 and from that  moment on, we have been giving to our customers the higest quality at the best price.

A daring, current and coherent with the latest fashion trend’s design is our main competitive advantage.

Our firm has become established as one of the cutting-edge ones in the sector, thanks to our solid base and to our ability to adapt and even come early ourselves to the changes that the current market is saying.



Design, cutting and assembly of the model.

Adaptation of the fit to the last of the chosen model, and after that, it continues with the process in which the pieces are cut on the skin in different parts. Production of the die.

Sewing process, which consists of joining all the parts of the skin that were previously cut in order to turn them into what is called "sewing cut ".

Later, it goes to the assembly line, where sewed cuts, using the corresponding machines, are centered or put on the last, they pass through the furnace for its best adaptation, after that, it is time for the placement of the sole by gluing or stitching.

Finally, they are removed from last and enter the final phase of completion and warehouse, where the shoes are ready for their distribution and sale.



We have a staff with extensive experience in the manufacture of footwear.

We employ more than 2,000 indirect employees. Our philosophy is to make quality products and to give the customer the best service, so we are agile and we give quick answers to the needs of the market.

Over the years we have managed to maintain these targets and today we have a list of clients that is maintained season after season and grows day by day.




In Bambú Europa, S.L. we have an industrial factory of 5,600 m2, three sewing workshops in Tangier and Tetouan, a sewing workshop in Spain and another in India.

We work with the best materials and our production process is meticulous and artisan. In addition, we can deal with any market demand, covering at all the time the needs of our customers.



In Bamboo Europe S.L. we are able to carry out a weekly production of approximately 50,000 pairs of shoes.

All this is done using the latest technology incorporated in the production:

We employ greater efficiency in consumption of materials and energy equipments.

We use computer systems for the control of machines, management and production control.

Our products and  processes are based on innovative technological knowledge, energy incidence and environmental protection